Fence Products Comparison

There are three types of product used for timber fencing.

This page is intended to show the pros & cons of each type of product.


Type Bitumen Based Products Paint Products Water Based Products
  • Wattyl / Taubmans / Haymes paint etc
  • Bitumen is not UV Stable. This means the coating breaks down and will rub off onto hands, clothes, horses coats etc.
  • Requires multiple coats to build film
  • Slow to dry/Soak in.
  • Mineral Oil based & turps cleanup is required once the product starts to set.
  • Will fade and the oils will break down over the course of 12 months. 
  • Can trap moisture within the wood (which accelerates rot).
  • Full surface preparation required. Ensuring the surface is dust free. 
  • Peels or Sheets off due to moisture/timber  flexing or failure to bond to the wood due to insufficient surface preparation.
  • No issues


Advantages of StudX Over Bitumen Based Products:

  • Rapid Drying - 30mins @ 25°C and your fence will be dry to the touch.
  • StudX is UV Stable. The product will stay on your fence much longer, and not rub off on hands, clothes or animals coats.
  • StudX contains CribX, which discourages horses from cribbing and chewing.

Advantages of StudX Over Paint Based Products:

  • Moisture cannot be trapped in the wood - The biggest cause of rot.
  • StudX will not sheet or peel off. Your fence will age uniformly and gracefully.
  • StudX contains CribX, which discourages horses from cribbing and chewing.

What Do We Recommend?

We sell both Kentucky Horse Fence Black & StudX.

We think StudX is the best product on the market. It produces the best finish and doesn't have the issues of the other types of product.

If youre not sure about your product options. Please contact us to discuss.