StudX for a residential fence

I recently painted my 30 metre residential fence (approx 60m2) with StudX and I could not be happier with the great service from PaintSales; great product; extremely reasonable product price; and super fast and cheap delivery.
Before I bought StudX I was at a dead end trying to find a fence finish that was actually black (impossible); which didn't cost the earth and would give the coverage and protection I required.
I applied StudX with a spray gun and had no dramas using this method at all. It was easy to dilute and gave a very consistent finish; given that I was a little inconsistent in the amount of water used to dilute from load to load. I didn't experience any spray gun blockages.
I would encourage anyone looking to paint their residential fence black (which is increasingly popular trend) to consider using StudX.  Even after buying a spray gun I came out way ahead of where I would have if I'd used a stain or decking oil (which wouldn't have given me the desired colour anyway)  and I still have 10L to use in the future for any re-coating needed.
B.Henneken - Hadfield VIC