StudX Testimonial - Fencing Contractor

As fencing contractors we spend our days, weeks and months carefully constructing post and rail fencing that will stand the test of time, keep livestock safe, be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and enhance the value of our customers properties.

Its very satisfying and worthwhile work!

StudX paint has been the essential ingredient that delivers on all of the aspects mentioned above. We do more than just recommend it to our customers, we include it as part of what we do, it's as important as the bolts themselves!

After all, given the hard work and the costs involved to build a natural timber fence, not protecting the finished product with StudX from the elements, or the stock itself, just doesn't make any sense.

Our customers wholeheartedly agree and on every occasion they are delighted once the fences are painted with StudX. Normally you can just tell by the smile as they approach us spraying paddock after paddock.

We apply it consistently and at pace, our spray equipment handles the product effortlessly and with a bit of soapy water we not only clean up ourselves and our gear, we have some time left over to grab a cold beer and admire the transformation to our customers properties. I guess it's all in a days work, but I think I'll grab another beer. The CribbX has left an awful taste in my mouth which another beer will surely fix. Little wonder the horses think twice before chewing a fence line sprayed with StudX!

On to the next job and we need to ensure that our materials are delivered on time, that they have been carefully selected for quality and that they deliver on customer expectations cost effectively. I guess thats why we only use StudX.

Oh, and incidentally, they are only a phone call  away. I can't tell you how many times we have called to ask questions about specific applications or additional requirements. Service with a smile, now that's just good manners!

Rob and Gordo
StockworX Pty Ltd
Rural Property Construction Specialists
Mob - 0418 611 752