Termites & Fences

Termite Resistant Timbers

In-Ground and Above Ground1 Above Ground Only
red bloodwood blackbutt
grey box spotted gum
forest red gum red mahogany
ironbark (all species) white stringybark
white mahogany cypress
Gympie messmate  
slash pine2/3  
hoop pine²  
radiata pine²  
Caribbean pine2/3  


1) The sapwood of these species is to be treated to ‘H5’ level for in-ground use, ‘H3’ level for
weather exposed above ground use
2) The heartwood of these softwoods is to be limited 20% of the cross-sectional area in all weather
exposed applications.
3) The heartwood of slash and Caribbean pine is considered termite resistant.

Soil Treatment

Further protection is by treating the soil surrounding the post, or bedding the post in a material which termites avoid.

An application of Termidor provides 8 years of soil treatment.


Fence Protection From Termites



Source: Timber Queensland: Protecting_buildings_from_subterranean_termites.pdf
  & NAFI : protecting_buildings_from_subterranean_termites.pdf