Frequently Asked Questions

Allow new softwood timber (pine etc) to weather for a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to applying StudX.

This allows moisture and resins time to exit the timber.

Hardwoods require extended weathering prior to painting. Click Here for more information

In periods of prolonged cold or wet weather, a longer period may be required. If in doubt it is recommended to trial paint a small area or a test
piece first and monitor it for satisfactory drying and adhesion. 

StudX is formulated to penetrate into the timber, therefore it is not recommended for use over water based paint. However StudX will adhere to water based paint. 

We have a special StudX formulation designed for painted surfaces (water based). Contact Us to discuss.

Confirm the existing paint is water based:

  • Apply methylated spirits to a rag that is a different colour to the paint.
  • Hold the rag against the paint for a minute
  • Rub the surface and check for colour transfer to the rag. If the colour transfers the existing paint is water based & can be painted over with StudX Full Body.
  • See Adhesion Test
  • StudX cannot be used over enamel paints unless an enamel primer is applied prior.     

The timber painted with Kentucky Horse Fence Black needs to have weathered. Generally for 6-12 months minimum.

Water Beading Test
Wet the fence with water. If the water beads due to the Kentucky Horse Fence Black, you will need to wait a few months and do this test again. 
If the water does not bead, then you can proceed with painting the fence with StudX

The sump oil needs to have weathered. Generally for 6-12 months minimum

Water Beading Test

Wet the fence with water. If the water beads due to the sump oil, you will need to wait a few months and do this test again. 

If the water does not bead, then you can proceed with painting the fence with StudX

We recommend StudX for most applications as it is a far superior product.

  • 1 coat coverage
  • Longer lasting
  • Non fading
  • Doesn't rub off on clothes/horses  

Kentucky is only recommended where the user prefers a faded brown finish or has existing fences painted with kentucky.  Kentucky is only compatible with raw timber (It will not adhere to water based or enamel paints)

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

StudX is water based and designed to be used via brush roller or airless sprayer without the need for thinning.

If you are using a pot sprayer (driven via an air compressor) you may need to thin StudX. 

You can thin StudX with up to 10% water.

  • Apply masking tape to some test areas.
  • Rub it a few times to adhere.
  • Remove masking tape and inspect to see if paint/substrate surface has come off with the tape.
  • If so it is recommended to clean the surface. Water Blaster/ Wire Brush.

No problem!

We have an easy handling option.

200L is shipped to you in 10 x 20L pails. For StudX this is $50 extra per 200L.

The added advantanges of this option:

  • If arriving on a pallet, you can cut the shrink wrap and hand unload. If you prefer a tail gate lift, this is available at additional cost.
  • Easier storage
  • Easier mixing post storage
  • Doesn't require a drum tap (~$50 from a plumbing supply store)

Give us a call if you wish to use this option.

All hardwoods should be left uncoated for as long as possible, until all tannins have leached from the timber.

For oily timbers: Kwilia (Merbau), Tallowood, Blackbutt etc. A minimum of 3-6 Months is recommended.

For dense timbers: Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Yellow Balau, Batu, Ulin etc. a minimum of 6 months is recommended. Ironbark may require significantly longer.

Rain/Moisture helps the tannin escape the timber. For dry areas the time required may be longer.

Tannins are usually visible on the surface of the timber as a brownish or tan discolouration. Tannins are an acid and will break down any product applied to the timber.

Hardwood Weathering Test

Apply some water to the hardwood timber. Let it sit for a few minutes. If the of water is absorbed into the timber, the timber should be ready for painting. If the water beads then the timber needs to be weathered for a further period.


StudX can be used on Hardwood & Treated pine. See also: New Timber

  • Apply only when air & surface temperature are between 10°C - 30°C
  • New timber (Softwoods, pine etc) should be weathered for a minimum of 4-6 weeks to allow resins and moisture to evaporate. For Hardwoods refer to the Hardwood FAQ 
  • Stir thoroughly with flat bladed stirrer using a stirring lifting action
  • Ensure timber is free of dirt, moss, bark etc. 

Apply with brush, roller, or airless sprayer.

Soapy water cleanup for brushes & tools.