StudX Testimonial - WA

As a new customer based in Perth with a horse property and wood
fencing on a large scale to be painted black, I chose to purchase StudX
Black Fence Finish from PaintSales.com.au

The professional team at Paint Sales are very much customer-focused
and provide a great product at a low price with fast delivery. StudX
provides a first class finish and at the same time discourages horses
from cribbing and chewing. I also like to tell people that black is a
better colour to use than white for hiding fence imperfections. I will
continue to purchase StudX for all my new fencing and to maintain my
existing fencing.

For anyone with a horse property looking to paint wood fencing I
would certainly recommend looking no further than StudX Black Fence
Finish from PaintSales.com.au.

Daniel Prontelli  - Roleystone WA

StudX - Black Fence Paint

We are thrilled we found such a great product on the Internet to use on our refurnished fencing as they were tied looking around our suburban house block. Studx is the best product all the fencing looks fantastic, cleaning up after painting was a breeze. 

Thought you might like to see the results

Black Fence PaintBlack Fence PaintBlack Fence PaintBlack Fence Paint

Mark & Kylie - Deception Bay QLD

StudX + Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer Review

I just want to thank you and the team for the recent purchases. The StudX is a great product to use, gave great coverage and makes all the post and rail fencing look like it was just installed yesterday. The HSP-10 Airless Spray Painter make very light work of the whole project. I think it saved around 75% of the time it would have taken to paint the fences by brush, one of the best time savers I have ever used.

Great products, great service and a must for every horse property.

Frank Kolarik - Wisteria Park Stud

StudX Black Fence Paint - Review

I am just writing to let you know I am now on my second drum of StudX black fence paint,and I couldn’t be happier with your product. We were using a opposition brand of paint then heard about your product and since switching to StudX we have found it is easier to apply goes further and lasts much longer on the posts. I would have no hesitation in recomending your product to anyone wishing to use a quality paint.

Graham Mallory - Gatton QLD

StudX for a residential fence

I recently painted my 30 metre residential fence (approx 60m2) with StudX and I could not be happier with the great service from PaintSales; great product; extremely reasonable product price; and super fast and cheap delivery.
Before I bought StudX I was at a dead end trying to find a fence finish that was actually black (impossible); which didn't cost the earth and would give the coverage and protection I required.
I applied StudX with a spray gun and had no dramas using this method at all. It was easy to dilute and gave a very consistent finish; given that I was a little inconsistent in the amount of water used to dilute from load to load. I didn't experience any spray gun blockages.
I would encourage anyone looking to paint their residential fence black (which is increasingly popular trend) to consider using StudX.  Even after buying a spray gun I came out way ahead of where I would have if I'd used a stain or decking oil (which wouldn't have given me the desired colour anyway)  and I still have 10L to use in the future for any re-coating needed.
B.Henneken - Hadfield VIC

StudX Testimonial

Hi we have a lot of people asking about the fence paint we are using. I believe you will have some more orders from Graydens rd!! If you have a sign you would like on the front fence please send one down. We have a lot of works going on and have a huge amount of people stop and look.

Joanne Malloy, Hastings VIC

StudX - Looks great inside stables too

Well so far, I have been VERY pleased with the service. Order one day, and it was here the next.

The product is very easy to use, cleans up really easily, dries quickly and it makes the post and rail fencing I’ve been painting look fantastic. Because it was so easy to use, I also ended up giving the wood lining on the inside of the stables a coat, and they now look like new again too. Would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a professional finish to their fences.

Maree Garrett - Nowra Hill NSW

StudX / CribX - Success with a wood chewing horse

 I have been looking for a product to paint, preserve and deter wood chewing for a while. I took the chance and bought your product and have found it excellent! It covers easily for a single coat and washes off well. It dries quickly and unlike the oil based formulas leaves no residue to spoil clothing etc when you touch it. It has also cured a new horse we have on the property from wood chewing through the fence, and consequently teaching other young horses to chew! ( very annoying!)  I would highly recommend this product and have ordered more myself. 

Virginia Mock - Warrandyte South VIC

StudX Testimonial - Fencing Contractor

As fencing contractors we spend our days, weeks and months carefully constructing post and rail fencing that will stand the test of time, keep livestock safe, be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and enhance the value of our customers properties.

Its very satisfying and worthwhile work!

StudX paint has been the essential ingredient that delivers on all of the aspects mentioned above. We do more than just recommend it to our customers, we include it as part of what we do, it's as important as the bolts themselves!

After all, given the hard work and the costs involved to build a natural timber fence, not protecting the finished product with StudX from the elements, or the stock itself, just doesn't make any sense.

Our customers wholeheartedly agree and on every occasion they are delighted once the fences are painted with StudX. Normally you can just tell by the smile as they approach us spraying paddock after paddock.

We apply it consistently and at pace, our spray equipment handles the product effortlessly and with a bit of soapy water we not only clean up ourselves and our gear, we have some time left over to grab a cold beer and admire the transformation to our customers properties. I guess it's all in a days work, but I think I'll grab another beer. The CribbX has left an awful taste in my mouth which another beer will surely fix. Little wonder the horses think twice before chewing a fence line sprayed with StudX!

On to the next job and we need to ensure that our materials are delivered on time, that they have been carefully selected for quality and that they deliver on customer expectations cost effectively. I guess thats why we only use StudX.

Oh, and incidentally, they are only a phone call  away. I can't tell you how many times we have called to ask questions about specific applications or additional requirements. Service with a smile, now that's just good manners!

Rob and Gordo
StockworX Pty Ltd
Rural Property Construction Specialists
Mob - 0418 611 752

StudX Testimonial

Oh my god this is the best paint you will ever buy for a fence. It looks fantastic with a dark black coverage. My fences look amazing, my neighhbors have been giving the thumbs up. The application was so easy and the cleaning up in water awesome . Thankyou

Haydi Bourke - Wandin North VIC