CribX - 4 Litre

CribX is an anti cribbing solution. 400% Stronger than the CribX included in StudX. It dries to a clear finish.

Applied to timber surfaces, it has a repulsive taste which discourages horses, birds (Cockatoos) & dogs from cribbing or chewing.

Cribbing windsucking and wood chewing is detrimental to your horses health - They can cause colic, dental damage & weight loss plus damages your stables and fencing.

Colour: Clear

Designed for timber, but will bond to other surfaces as well.


  • Water/Weather resistant. Will last up to 12+ months outside.
  • Doesn't rub or wash off.
  • Animal and people safe - Non Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly - Water Based and Non Hazardous.
  • Rapid drying
  • Easy Clean up. Brushes and tools clean up in water.
  • MSDS

Coverage: Up to 14 square metres per litre depending on surface porosity and application method.

Application: Brush, roller or spray. Clean up with warm soapy water.

Lasts longer than Stop Crib, Crib Stop, Red Hot Spray etc.


CribX 4L