Kentucky Horse Fence Black - Creosote Alternative - 20 Litre

A mineral oil and bitumen based brown/black penetrating wood fence finish.

Above Ground: Kentucky fades in colour to a brown finish over a period of ~12 months. 

Below Ground: Creosote Alternative

By coating the below ground timber with Kentucky, you reduce moisture absorbtion which is the primary cause of timber degradation. 

Contact us if you wish to discuss which product best suits your needs. 

Coverage: 40L per 100m post and two rail fencing per coat. 2 coats recommended.

Application: Brush, spray or dip

Clean up: mineral turps.

Contains: Bitumen, parrafin, waxes, aromatics, refined mineral oil

Known names: Kentucky Horse Fence Black, KHFB, HFB, Horse Black, Kentucky Black, Horse Fence Black, Creosote Alternative.




Kentucky Horse Fence Black -  20L
Kentucky Horse Fence Black