Creosote Alternative

Creosote has been removed from the general market as it is considered a carcinogen. Not to mention that it is smelly, can burn your skin and stains your clothes. 

Protecting your investment in timber fencing is very important. Water is the main enemy of wooden fences. 

Creosote Alternative - Above Ground

StudX is designed to reduce water absorption, while still letting the timber breathe. This is important, as it ensures the timber remains as dry as possible without sealing any water into the timber.  

StudX is our recommended product for above ground use. (Fast drying, long lasting, doesnt rub off on clothes etc.)

Kentucky Horse Fence Black Can also be used for above ground. Please discuss with us to ensure this is the right product for your needs.

Creosote Alternative - Below Ground (New Fencing)

 If you wish to treat your posts prior to placing the post in the ground, we recommend dipping in Kentucky Horse Fence Black for the below ground portion of the post.


StudX Black Fence Finish